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Success stories: Friends and Family found
“Bill Myers is SAFE....He phone his parents saying he is in Arkansas and on his way to Los Angeles (near his parents' home). Thank you so much for your help, thoughts and prayers.”
-The Myers Family
The Box Project
Posted by Robert & Marisa Gary   
Sunday, 25 September 2005
The Box Project is an organization that matches families in rural poverty with families who want to help them for the long term right here in the US. We have been in existence for over 40 years and currently have over 5000 families matched with each other, with most recipients living in the MS Delta, but many others on the reservations in SD, through Appalachia, in Maine and soon in Alaska. Our MS family recipients are being heavily impacted by friends and families seeking refuge with them. Sponsors cannot absorb the extra demand that places on the family's resources. One way to help is for us to find sponsors for evacuating families. These are not short term relationships -they are set up for the long haul, so people wishing to help will be matched with a recipient family to help them through to full recovery from the storm, often giving advice, information about resources, and also sending boxes of needed materials, supplies, food, or even gift cards or money each month, depending on the family's needs. Relationships are made between the families and all anyone needs to do to get involved is to go to our website at www.boxproject.org and enroll to be a sponsor. The membership fee is $50 the first year. From initial contacts with our referring agencies in MS over 2000 evacuees have relocated either permanently or temporarily in the MS Delta, and many of those have moved in with our recipient families. Recovery from this disaster will be a very long and difficult process. People who had good jobs and descent homes are now unemployed, homeless and have lost everything they ever owned. If anyone is interested in exploring a different way to help, please direct them to The Box Project, 100 Business Center Dr. Suite 26, Ormond Beach, FL 32124 and to our website at www.boxproject.org. We'll be there for the long term. We can use all the help we can get!

Sue Patneaude
Executive Director
Con Artist
Posted by Robert & Marisa Gary   
Thursday, 22 September 2005
I recieved this email. No valid roof of it but beware all the same

This is an enquiry e-mail via http://hurricanekatrinasurvivors.com/home from: Joseph

Under the guise of a Private investigator, Derek Battershell is approaching the Albuquerque Victims of katrina. He clains to find their missing children for a fee. He takes the money and abscounds.
Help Us Help You
Posted by Robert & Marisa Gary   
Thursday, 22 September 2005
I had a conversation today with Tim Sylvia, President of the Florida Alliance of Information and Referral Services, Director, United Way's First Call For Help - United Way of Volusia-Flagler Counties (In Florida). I had asked him what he thought was a good piece of information to give out to folks who are evacuating from the path of Hurricane Rita. This information is also good info for those affected by Hurricane Katrina. Please click the read more link below to read the email he sent me.
New Hurricane Rita
Posted by Robert & Marisa Gary   
Tuesday, 20 September 2005
If you are looking for information on Hurricane RITA, please visit http://www.hurricaneritasurvivors.com

http://www.hurricaneritasurvivors.com is now online

Robert & Marisa Gary
Webmasters Hurricane Katrina/Rita Survivors.com
Hurricane Rita
Posted by Robert & Marisa Gary   
Tuesday, 20 September 2005
Here we go again folks. :(

Galeveston County officials said they anticipate calling a mandatory evacuation sometime Wednesday. Watch live webcast of Galveston news conference regarding Hurricane Rita at KHOU.com.

Stay with http://www.khou.com/ and 11 News for complete coverage.


As of 5:14pm EST Galveston County has ordered mandatory evacuations for everyone living in the county!
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